Fully furnished buildings

The property will be delivered in a fully functionnal manner. This means that  -almost- everything on the property is included in the sale, this goes from the furniture in the bungalows to the paintings on the walls, all the appliances, refrigerators, the silverware, linens, decorations etc, are all included, below you will find more details:


Furniture & Decorations

 in the bungalows and restaurant

- beds & comfortable mattresses, 120-liter refrigerators, electronic safes, paintings, sculptures, light fixtures, candles, mirrors, tables, chairs, relaxing chairs, sunbeds with cushions, varnished with special epoxy varnish, etc.

Linens, table & bath

high quality towels, sheets, bed covers, hammocks, pillows, cushions, mats etc.

Serving kit for up to 45 people (breakfast, lunch & dinner):
-  silverware

-  porcelain (plates, bowls, dishes etc)

- and much much more

Kitchen, Bar & Laundry appliances, tools and equipment

04 freezers, 02 refrigerators, 01 water cooler & filter

- 02 clothes washing machines

- 06 blenders + other mechanical tools + all kitchen appliances & utensils

- Office & reception desks, office chairs etc

Restaurant tables, chairs and custom made cushions

Maintained property

The bunglows and restaurant where built in 2004, and since then, they have only gotten nicer and better thanks to yearly maintenance. Since 2005, every low season sees teams of builders working on special projects to correct issues from the original construction, and to maintain the wood, paint, straw and everything else to keep the buildings nice & clean and to extend the lifetime of the materials (special epoxy varnishes, all stainless steel metalsanti-moisture wall textures, high quality faucetsTurbo-Silent fans etc).  The property gets better every year!