Despite the fact that the resort is located on the border of the National Park and surrounded by the Ocean and sand dunes, all the modern necessities are installed, including a 3-phase power extension of 700 meters from town, 2 phones lines (the only two in a 500 meter radius), fresh water from a 40 m. deep well, and fast wireless internet access provided through a high-tech network and 16-camera system for security.



- Clean three-phase power directly from transformer right outside the property

- Internal power network setup via conduits and inspection boxes

- Each phase spread out accordingly for effective use and to lower consumption 


- Clean fresh water from 40 meter deep well

- 3-phase submergible Dancor pump installed 20 meters deep

- installed with electronic control box for safety and automatic refilling of water tank

- identical spare pump stored for emergency

- 10,000 liter water tank for storage, gravity feeds all the bungalows (each has a 500 liter tank) and the restaurant (2 x 2,000 liter tanks) offering up to 72 hours of operation without water pump (in case of emergency). Total water storage capacity of 17,500 liters.


- 2 telephone land lines from Telemar / Oi, (only two in the area), for voice use, credit card use or potential internet emergency (never happened).

- both lines set up for redundancy (if one has a problem, calls are forwarded to other line)

Internet and reliable network

- Monitoring software to control network radios and handle customer wi-fi access & billing

- 05 wireless radios with special antennas offering 802.11 b, g & n access all over property

high quality cabled network with conduit (all over property)

- QoS 16-port Switch connecting all radios, monitoring system and Nanostation

- Outdoor NanoStation (receiving and sending signal to tower)

- 12 Vbackup system for up to 5 hours of internet use without power

- more details available upon request

Security cameras

- 16-camera DVR system with 500 GB HD for up to two weeks of footage

- Connected to separate battery system for up to 4 hours of operations without power