Preá & Jericoacoara, Ceará, Brazil

The property is located on Preá Beach, in the state of Ceará in Northeast Brazil. 3 degrees South of the Equator, the region benefits from tropical weather year-round (27 degrees C. with low humidity) and warm Ocean water also.

Preá beach is an area which is well known by kitesurfers from around the world for it’s great wind conditions, it is also located on the border of the Jericoacaora National Park and only minutes away from the little town of Jericoacoara, check out more information below:

Local points of interest:

Maps of the area

Preá Beach is located in the Northeast state of Ceará, 300 km from the capital city, Fortaleza.

The resort is right on the beach, and only 1 km from the National Park’s entrance. Access to the town of Jericoacaora is done by dune buggy and takes approximately 20 minutes.


- Guaranteed wind: Preá is world famous for it’s reliable and consistent winds from July to December. So much wind that the hotel offers a wind guarantee during the windiest period of the year (September & October).

- Side-on-shore wind: Preá also has the safest and peferred wind direction possible, with “side-on-shore” winds from the right. In other words, if something happens to you on the water, the wind brings you back to the shore (unlike other locations).

- White sand & no obstacles: Another reason Preá is judged to be a safe beach is because it has no rocks (on the beach or in the water) and no obstacles on the beach (boats, poles, buildings etc), therefor if a kiter loose control of his kite and is dragged on the beach, the risk of serious injury is a lot lower

- 15 km of beach: combined with the side-on-shore winds enables kiters to surf in front of the hotel and also do 10 km downwinders (to the West), which is an amazing experience and the best way to improve one’s kiting skills. A dune buggy follows the kiters along the beach for safety and brings them back at the end of the trip (about 2 hours of kiting for R$ 15/person).

Jericoacoara National Park

- This is one of the newest National Parks in Brazil. With 5,500 hectares of large sand dunes, crystal clear fresh-water lagoons, beautiful rock formations and over 30 km of protected beaches and river mouths, the Jericoacoara National Park offers a wide selection ecological activities & trips for tourists and nature lovers.

- Dune buggy trips in the National Park and along the coasts are available (there are 4 different day trips), quad tours are also possible

- Many sports  with equipment rental available: Kitesurfing, Windsurfing, Stand-Up-Paddle, Kayaking and much more

Preá village

Preá is a small fishing village located on the border of the Jericoacaora National Park, with 750 families still living from the daily catch of seabass, red snapper,  shrimp and lobster. Since 2005, kitesurfing and the tourism related to it has helped the village to develop a friendly contact with the natives and also the opening of many small restaurants

Town of Jericoacoara

- Discovered by backpackers in the 70′s, folowed by the hippies in the 80′s and eventually by windsurfers in the 90′s, Jericoacoara has become a little town open to tourist from all over the world. With lodging ranging from simple hostels or camping to 5 star boutique hotels, Jericoacoara is internationally famous for it’s unpaved streets and for it’s underground power network (no electric poles in the streets).

- Jericoacoara also offers a great dinning experience, with restaurants ranging from the classical grilled fish with rice & beans to the freshest sushi you can imagine, Jeri doesn’t have much to envy to larger cities in the state, all in a very nice atmosphere.

- Finally, Jeri and it’s nightlife are quite well known, it’s start at the bottom of the main street (Caiprinha Street) and ends up in the Forro street where natives and tourists alike dance to the rythm of local tunes at Dona Amelia’s.

- The village of Preá is located 12 km East of Jeri. The access to Jeri is done via dune buggy along the beach and through sand dunes. It’s a pleasurable 20 minute ride with great views of the National Parc, the Serrote and the Ocean.