Rustic “chic” architecture


The resort is a high-end property with 8 stylish ecological bungalows & a beach restaurant designed by Tothe Ibiapina, an architect from Parnaiba, in the state of Piaui.

There is also a beachfront relaxing area designed according to Vedic architecture which enhances the feeling of peace and flow of energy.

Outdoor bathrooms and elevated walkways connecting all bungalows were added by the owners to connect guests with nature in a special way.


Stylish bungalows

The bungalows are built on stilts with great views on the Ocean. The walls are made of rocks slabs and durable, termite-proof Eucaliptus. The thatched roof designed in a star formation is covered with Carnauba leaves. The floors are made of hardwood varnished with several coats of epoxy varnish for durability and hygiene. The decoration was done with taste and displays natural sculptures as well as paintings of native indians from the area.

Beach restaurant

The main building of the resort is also a first-class restaurant open to the public, it also serves as the reception for the hotel, kitchen, laundry, administration office and bathrooms for the guests and an area for maintenance and workers besides several storage rooms. The roof was designed following Southeast Asian features with openings for increased ventilation and located to offer the best views of the beach and of Jericoacoara in the distance. The structure is also made of treated eucaliptus and nice hardwood floors in the public areas. The kitchen, office and other non-public rooms have a wood or PVC ceiling (for hygiene)  and all  follow maintenance on a yearly basis. The lighting in all areas was specificaly designed to offer the right kind of atmosphere at night and emphasise the natural mangroves hanging from the ceilings and the paintings dressing the walls.

Vastu relaxing area

The Vastu area is a relaxing area next to the restaurant which was designed according to Indian Vedic Architecture. Thanks to its design and it’s location -high up on the beach- it has created a space of peace and great flow of energy for those looking to relax and enjoy nature, sunbathe or quietly read a book or browse the internet from the shaded tent.

This is also where the planned pool is located, inquire for details and drawings of the inifinity pool.

Perfect location for a sunset caipirinha

It is also used for parties at night as a great spot for the DJ’s & beach dance-floor

Garden bathrooms

Tothe Ibiapina came up with the great design ideas of the rock slabs and eucaliptus walls and beautifully thought out star roof design. The owners on their side focused on the open-tropical garden- bathroom. Therefor each bungalow has a great bathroom which is partly covered (with a roomy shower, basin & toilet) and an other large area (15 m2) which is a garden with a 50 cm diameter rain shower, hammock and many tropical plants. All this enhances the guest’s reconnection with nature and provides a private space for sunbathing.

Elevated walkways

In order to connect the individual bungalows and the restaurant, the owners followed many similar establishments in Africa which use elevated walkways. This provides great views on the Ocean while giving a feeling of connection to the palms trees and other plants throughout the property.

Attention to details