First class restaurant


The owners of the resort have always paid a lot of importance to the breakfast and restaurant. Thanks to that attention, they won the award of “Best restaurant of the region” at the last “Jeri Sabor” food festival, including 17 restaurants from Prea and Jericoacoara.

The focus still remains on providing a fine dinning experience in a tropical environment while using the best ingredients available in the state.

Some foods are  imported (Dijon mustard, Barilla spaghetti, Chilean walnuts, Indian Curry etc), fresh bread is baked daily for breakfast and use during the day. And thanks to the vegetable gardens on site a lot of fresh produce makes it to the table. Organic and non-GMO foods from the garden are used for salads and many other dishes served during the day or at night.

The waiters speak English (and sometimes other languages) and pay attention to guests and customers needs & they are always ready to mix up a Caipirinha!

The menu is upgraded every season,  the best dishes from the previous season are kept and a few new ones are added according to guests comments and requests.

Specific procedures are followed to insure “food safety” and to avoid contamination of guests & customers due to poor health practices.