The property


The property

106 meters of beachfront x 180 m deep = 18,366 m²  (ie almost 2 hectares, or 4 acres).

Layout of property & buildings


05 one-bedroom bungalows (fully equiped with frigobars and electronic safes) – each 55 m²

02 three-room bungalows (fully equiped with frigobars and electronic safes) – each 85 m²

01 watersports center / manager’s bungalow with open bathroom – 70 m²

01 beach center of 240 m² with:
- Restaurant
- Kitchen
- Reception
- Storage rooms
- Laundry area
- Fully equipped

01 beachfront deck + lawn area to wash down kites between restaurant and relaxing area

01 beach front relaxing area for sunbathing, showers & pool location- 200 m²

elevated walkways - over 200 m² of wood decking for access to all bungalows

- Total of over 1,000 m² of built area

Coconut plantation

- 400 producing coconut trees (8 years old)

- 04 organic vegetable gardens with integrated sprinlkers system

- producing medicinal plants, salads, tomatoes, vegetables etc

- tropical fruit trees (papayas, lime tree etc) and tropical flowers

Resident birds

The lush property also serves as a protected area for many bird species. For that reason, many of them have chosen to live and reproduce in a natural environment where they are not disturbed.

Meet some of the residents:

The Swallow-tailed hummingbird, from birth to flight:

The Green-barred woodpecker:

A few other common Northeast Brazil birds:

The Picui Ground-dove , The Red-cowled Cardinal & The Great Kiskadee

And finally, our local Burrowing owl: